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PX-30 Document Camera


for better teaching and learning, enhances Students understanding, increases participation and knowledge retention, keeps the Students energized and so on..

DIGITAL TEACHING DEVICE A large integration of technological devices Podium, Student Response System, Document Camera, Digital Interactive Board, Virtual Classroom, and Smart Classroom that helps to improve learning. You can explore your conference room, school colleges with all in one teaching device digitally and can create the best learning and teaching environment.EAPL providing all in one solution Digital teaching Device that fulfills all your needs related to teaching and training. User's search ends here, they no need to move further for a particular solution. One Configuration Many Solution, The platform comes with a customizable device. EAPL Digital teaching device is the best solution in India. It is easy to install, configure and operate as.

EAPL-DPD-ED07 Features

Low acquisition and operating costs — no capitalization of expensive infrastructure and endpoints.

Join sessions from multiple devices — PCs, handhelds, mobile, softphones and standards - based video conferencing systems.

Highly secure for even the most confidential collaboration sessions, fully compliant with enterprise security policies and requirements.

Light network footprint—optimizes bandwidth to provide best possible quality and standards-based video conferencing systems.

Firewall, proxy and NAT friendly using standard port - no additional firewall configuration required.

Easy to install, deploy and administer – backend web interface minimizes administration tasks.

Simple to use, with intuitive user interface options for audio and video customization.

Interoperable with existing IT and communication environments.

Compatible with Communication Enabled Business Process (CEBP).

Easily scalable with a distributed server.

Main Component of Digital Teaching Device

Response Systemss

We provide ready-to-use Audience Response System with plug-in-play connectivity. Simply plug-in the RF receiver in your computer and Audience Response System is ready to deliver your interactive presentation. Classroom Response System is fully integrated with MS PowerPoint. It allows you to put your question with just single click. You can ask Multiple Choices, Multiple Responses, True-False, Yes-No, Right-Wrong, Matching, Short Answer, Essay, priority ranking and opinion based question. Everyone can master this response system in less than 10 minutes. No technical expertise is required to learn our ready-to-use Student Response Systems.

easy to use Audience Response System

ask question using response system

Interactive Whiteboard

Replacing traditional blackboard with high technology touch-sensitive whiteboard and digital pen. A Teacher can project an image, a document on the touch-sensitive whiteboard. He can conduct any lesson and illustrate on this board using his finger and digital pen as well. With a lot of features, interactive whiteboard adds a sense of excitement to each classrooms session.

Digital Podium

It is a smart podium with fully touch or pen touch screen and a smart controller. Digital Podium has numbers of the port so that can connect multiple displays at a time. You can also connect other electronic devices externally via HDMI or VGA ports. Basically, it is a single point combining whole in one. Teacher delivers the lecture without moving anywhere in the class. In a single press move on a different display and control everything. It removes the wire mesh and hence classroom looks well organized.

PowerPoint Response System


Virtual Classroom

A virtual classroom is a solution by which students can learn anything from anywhere virtually. There is no need for a separate classroom or no need to go to the Classroom. They can save live class video for the future. If any student can be missed the class, share live class Recorded video. you can also share study material as video or PDF.

Examview Solution

Exam View is a powerful testing and assessment, which allows creating administer and deliver paper-based test series, as well as an assignment at any time using the internet enabled device. Using Exam View can create a test in 14 different question formats. It allows the user to create 26 version of a single test paper with scrambled questions and answer choices. It removes the workload and burden of creating question paper and conducting the test in a large classroom comprises a large number of students.

Anonymous polling

Battery backup

Document Camera

It is also known as Visualisers or Visual Presenter. Flexible document camera uses to show any document on the large screen to a large number of audience. Document Camera magnifies any docs or objects and projects it on display. large zoOm capacity and other inbuilt features it is very useful in the classroom in higher education

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